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Mavstack Lunches its new product M-ERP
Power @ Mavstack

Power sector is highly segmented market that needs huge investment to control the entire system. Besides huge investment on human resource, the sector needs heavy investment on systems to manage things. Managing monthly bills, spot billing, controlling hierarchy level and other such things are quite difficult to manage in huge demand. To bring the solution for the problem, we at Mavstack Solutions offer comprehensive technology software that will control multiple works smoothly.

Our web based software can handle; monthly billing, MIS Reporting, third party integration, payment gateway, payment processing offline and online and report generating tool. Working along with policy makers will help the power sector industry to:

  • Transform utility network
  • Improve generation performance
  • Transform customer operations
  • Innovative industry solutions through energy value chain
  • Comprehensive support from team will help in end-to-end solution

Our software development team builds solution that has integrated capability for business value. We deliver suits of power sector solutions for merchant power generators, cooperatives, and traders. Mavstack Solutions supports economic dispatch of multiple units providing solutions for physical logistics and scheduling management. We offer single platform for risk managers to view transparently and optimize the power portfolios, including fuel types, physical and live markets.

Power sector faces various business challenges including transmission of data and distribution, market operations, electricity generation and water resource management. We at Mavstack Solutions work on strategies that will solve the business challenges for smooth flow of work.

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