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Mavstack Lunches its new product M-ERP
Education @ Mavstack

Education ERP solutions from Mavstack Solutions is designed to cover in-depth functions of educational institutes from the perspective of users carrying different roles. Our web based education management software is automated that suites the operations of school and college process.

The strength of our education ERP will be integrated with other ERP packages like HR, Payroll, Accounts etc. depending on the working of the institute. The entire ERP solution is designed to give flexibility and allowing clients to choose from the desired modules. With our expert team involved in designing the education ERP solutions, clients will enjoy certain benefits that are mentioned below:

  • Educational software will save time and cost that can be later invested in improving your learning system, student development and developing school culture.
  • Consistency and  accuracy in your operations and reports that will lesser the hassle of error management
  • You will be having peace of mind even after going through complex requirements of regulatory authorities.

Mavstack Solutions work in different formats and for different segments of educational institute. Some of the solutions are mentioned below:

  • Education Delivery: Our ERP software will perform all the heavy paper work, complex student evaluations, time tables and management work.
  • Student Management:  Our student management program allows you to automate the process of student admission and seamless communication between school, students and parents.
  • General Administration: Mavstack offers software that will work as support system in process of management that requires high-end management material.
  • Finance & Legal:  For process like fees processing, book of accounts and preparing annual budget, there is a need of sophisticated and easily manageable software. We at Mavstack Solutions offer such seamlessly processed software for easy finance process.
  • Lesson Management: Our lesson management is easy and convenient to use for teachers to manage lessons better.
  • Inventory Management: Our ERP software manages all the items related to education delivery including books, stationery, lab equipments etc. Now schools can manage budget according to the need of inventory.
  • Library Management: Our automation software can help the school to manage the library management for easy keeping of books.

We at Mavstack Solutions offer easy flow of work ERP software that will help the school management to manage the finance and inventory of the school easily.

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