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Mavstack Lunches its new product M-ERP
Auto Mobiles @ Mavstack

Today, automotive parts and accessories makers face number of unique accounting and manufacturing challenges due to high competition. Each manufacturer carries own way of doing things, and to make process easier, we at Mavstack Solutions offer automobile ERP software that can meet all needs right from manufacturing to delivery. We design adaptive ERP application that suits the automotive industry.

The ERP software carries different modules like- Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain Service and Financial Management. With our easily manageable ERP automobile software, you can:

  • Manage relationship with vendor
  • Maintain profitability in competitive environment
  • Handle all the data

With technology changing, car manufacturers are using software to bring down their workload. Lot of car functions has been taken over by software like airbags, tailgate, windows and mirrors. To add more, engines too contain software making it the most technologically advance. Witnessing such advancement, we at Mavstack Solutions developer authentic automobile ERP Solutions that are specifically designed for automotive industry.

We help auto industry players in understanding the software architecture and cope with quantity of logged data. We at Mavstack Solutions design Automotive Dealer and Distribution Solution with small sixe ERP software for two types of automotive companies: small distributors and independent dealers. This dealer and distribution solution is offered in entire ERP solution having end-to-end tools for smooth working of manufacturing and distributing.

Mavstack Solutions hires highly capable and trained ERP software developers to design user friendly software for better running of client business.

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